How to Prepare Your Trees for Hurricane Season

Heavy rain, powerful winds, and other severe weather outbreaks can stress your trees from their leaves down to their roots. Before you begin prepping your trees, know that there are some variables based on the tree– and storm – you have. You can protect your home and help trees better endure hurricane season with these steps.


A Strong Start

Some tree species can weather storms better. Your tree’s durability depends on factors like it’s species, age, health, and structure.  A tree with a strong, sturdy trunk and a deep, symmetrical root system is more likely to survive the storm. 

On the other hand, slender trees, ones with heavy branches, a rotten trunk, or shallow roots are more vulnerable. Consider removing tall, thin trees like pine trees from your landscape for safety and replacing them with trees that are sturdier during storms. Existing large but unhealthy trees may also fall in intense storms. Consider reducing their size or removing these weak trees.


Tree and Soil Health

When a tree is healthy and is grounded in healthy soil, its chances for surviving a hurricane and other weather events are significantly improved. Tree diseases and invasive insects can cripple your tree’s health. Take the time to inspect your trees’ health before hurricane season to ensure there are no threats.

Your tree’s health is also affected by the soil it’s rooted in. Poor soil health can compromise a tree’s root system – limiting the water or nutrients your tree needs.  Any tree can be susceptible to toppling over if it suffers from damage to roots, poor growing conditions, or small root zones. To improve their root system, nourish your trees. When you add essential nutrients right to the roots, your trees become better anchored and healthier.


Prune Branches Prudently

Pruning removes dead and damaged branches from your tree and helps prevent further decay. A sturdy, deep-rooted tree may not fall during a storm, but weak limbs might. Dead, damaged, and broken limbs can be ripped from trees during a storm and turned into dangerous projectiles. Regular pruning throughout the tree’s life can create a sturdy, well-spaced framework of healthy branches that allows wind to flow freely through.

Hiring a professional to inspect your trees is a must. Our certified experts know precisely what structural issues pose a problem and remove the threat. By pruning  branches before a storm, you can reduce the chances of fallen limbs, and trees that break or uproot. Pruning helps you lessen the chances of property damage and keeps your home safe.  

Trees have a much better chance of surviving a storm if they are healthy and properly cared for. Remember, healthy trees can better manage changing environments and can be more resilient to storm damage. Being proactive and taking the necessary steps to minimize storm damage before it occurs, reduces your risk of property damage and saves you from the hassle and expense.


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