Tree Removal, Trimming, & Stump Grinding

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After contacting us, J & D Tree Pros will first visit your property, assess what needs to be done, and then provide you with a FREE written estimate. Our estimate will reflect what tree removal method will be used to get the job done.
In all cases, tree removal should be handled by highly trained, experienced professionals who are covered with both General Liability, and Workers Compensation Insurance. Upon your request, our insurance company can send you a Certificate of Insurance.


We use cranes to lift trees off your property by utilizing our "No Impact Tree Removal" technique. This helps ensure the least amount of damage to your property and increases the safety of our crew.
For home or property owners, the advantages of using a crane helps from harming nearby trees and avoids rutting your yard. Since no limbs need to be dropped, it protects most of your landscaping and other structures on your property. We typically set up our cranes to operate from your driveway or road.
In situations where trees are extremely large, hard to reach or hazardous we can use our 90 -ton crane utillizing our "No Impact Tree Removal" technique. Other jobs can be handled by our highly experience crew manually.


J & D Tree Pros provides the highest standard of tree pruning, as set by the Tree Care Industry Association. Any broken limbs or dead wood can be pruned at any time of the year, whereas heavy pruning is best done during the winter season to ensure the health of the tree.
To minimize the use of harmful spikes for climbing trees, we either free climb or use our Bucket Truck which gives our crew a reach of 75 feet to do all types of trimming. For extremely large trees, we rely on our cranes to complete the job.

Stump grinding

J & D Tree Pros has a variety of stump grinders for just about any job-- no matter how small or difficult. We make sure that all stumps are buffed off below ground level so that they are out of sight. If you would like, our crew can grind them about 8 inches deep, allowing you to remove the grindings and fill with topsoil for seeding new grass. If you prefer to plant shrubbery, we can even grind the stump down to 12 inches to provide ample space for planting.