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Thousands have chosen J&D Tree Pros for their tree removal services. As one of the oldest crane tree removal companies in NC, the expertise and experience you receive can’t be beat!
High-Risk Tree Removal Experts
Our expert crane operation team sets up at your property and in a matter of hours, lifts out trees, including over buildings and other trees.
Entire Tree Processing + Removal
Branches are mulched on site and the trunk is cut into smaller sections and removed on our log truck.
Stump Grinding
Stumps can be processed and removed from the property with our stump grinding machine.
Clean-Up + Property Care
Your property is left clean once we blow away any debris from the street and property and remove the entirety of the processed tree.


Residential and commercial customers immediately appreciated the benefits of having trees lifted out of their yards, causing no damage to their lawns, bushes, or surrounding trees.

Ever since acquiring our first crane, back in August of 2003, our residential and commercial clientele have experienced the extreme benefits of having trees raised out of their front and backyards. As of today, with our new and larger crane, we have perfected our ability to get any assignment done without any damage to the clients’ lawns, bushes or surrounding trees.

We handle the tree removal and tree pruning for residential and commercial properties, and we see every tree service job through— from estimate to completion. We are a fully insured tree service company and can provide certificates of insurance upon request.
You will have assurance with our “No Impact Tree Removal” technique, as safety is our primary concern for you and your family, neighbors, homes and surrounding structures and trees. We are headquartered in Apex, North Carolina, which allows us to efficiently serve Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Sanford, Southern Durham, Pittsboro, Chatham County, and Morrisville.

You can rely on us for professional experience and service for your tree service and tree removal needs. If you have any questions before calling us, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Visit our resources page and learn about trees in the Southeast and some of the national associations (like the Tree Care Industry Association) that we belong to!
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No Impact Technique
Crane removal allows us to limit impact on your property and prevent damage that traditional tree removal causes.
Fully Insured
With our workers covered by Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance, you’ll rest assured as we service your property.
Experienced Teams
Professional equipment and experienced workers ensure excellence and a low impact job that leaves your yard pristine and the work time minimal.
Getting a tree removed can be a relatively painless process. However, it can become a hassle if you don’t do your research. As a homeowner, there’s a good chance you may someday need the assistance of a tree removal service to safely cut down and haul off trees on your property.

Crane removal increases efficiency, reducing the time and labor needed to remove trees. It’s also safer for our employees and for your home because the process is more controlled.

Our efficiency and skill means we spend less time removing your tree, thus lowering the cost to you. Crane removal also decreases the impact the work will have on the removal and surrounding sites.

Every tree is unique and we approach every job with that in mind. Before starting any job, the site is surveyed by our highly trained specialists who determine where the crane will be positioned for optimal safety and efficiency.

With that said, don’t trust tree removal to just anyone. Felling a tree and hauling it off might seem simple enough, but doing so while taking the right kind of safety precautions in a densely populated urban environment takes skill. You need a professional with know-how and the right equipment for the job…someone like J&D Tree Pros!
When trees need to go, it should not only be safe, but environmentally friendly. Limited property impact and environmental concern are important factors in every job we do. Here’s how we are recycling and giving back to the Wake County community:
Trunks > Lumber
Tree trunks are sent to local lumber yards to be processed into wood products to be sold for construction and other products.
Trimmings > Mulch
Branches, small trees, and other trimmings are processed into mulch that can be reused by local properties.
Donated Trees > Firewood
Every year we donate dozens of trees for firewood to be used by local families to stay warm in the winter months.
We are truly amazed at the terrific job your crew did today. They were courteous, efficient, thorough and professional. Every tree and overhanging limb came down perfectly. If you ever need us to be a reference for you, please let us know.
Hank and Nancy Faber
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