Tree Trimming

Thousands have chosen J&D Tree Pros for their tree trimming and tree care needs.  You get service you can count on from a team of highly experienced, trained, experts in the arbor industry.
Specialized Equipment
Our expert crane operation team sets up at your property and in a matter of hours, lifts out trees, including over buildings and other trees.
Entire Tree Processing + Removal
Branches are mulched on site and any debris is collected and removed with our trucks. 
Tree Recycling
Any trimmed limbs and branches or other yard debris is processed on site in our mobile chipper and recycled or donated to help others.
Clean-Up + Property Care
Your property is left clean once we blow away any debris from the street and property and remove the entirety of the processed tree.

J & D Tree Pros provides the highest standard of tree pruning, as set by the Tree Care Industry Association.

We all want to get the most of our homes. It’s where we live, where we raise our families, and it’s the place we start and finish our days.

Our homes are extensions of ourselves. When the paint starts to chip, we paint our houses. When the shingles start to lose their seal, we replace them. If the garage door stops working, we have it worked on.

Trees are no different. They need to be treated as part of the home just as any other feature. Trees help the home feel natural and welcoming.

We handle tree pruning for residential and commercial properties, managing every step of tree trimming project through— from estimate to completion.
We are a fully insured tree service company and can provide certificates of insurance upon request.

With our “No Impact Tree Removal” technique, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your property after the job. Safety is our primary concern for not only our workers but for your property and the surrounding structures.

Because we are centrally located in Apex, North Carolina, we can easily serve Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Sanford, Southern Durham, Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, Chatham County and Morrisville.

You can count on JD Tree Pros for quality service for your tree services and tree trimming needs.  
Contact us today for a free estimate for your tree trimming, tree pruning, or tree care need.
No Impact Technique
Our bucket truck and trained cimbers reduce impact on your property and prevent damage that traditional tree climbing causes.
Fully Insured
All employees are covered by Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance. You can rest assured while we complete the job.
Experienced Teams
The right equipment and experienced workers maintain the highest safety standards while working efficiently, saving you time and money.
Unlike the many other features around your home, trees are always growing. It’s only a matter of time before they overtake your home, leaving you with a feeling that your property just isn’t as vibrant as it used to be. Eventually, trees overhanging your house or dead branches can pose a threat to your property and your family's safety. 

That’s why a prudent homeowner considers having their trees trimmed. A trimmed tree is a happy, healthy, tree. Trees left to grow wild for too long have the potential for wasting resources on dead or dying branches which can lead to disease and malformed shapes, which in the end, puts them in structural jeopardy. Hanging branches or dead branches are not something you want to have to constantly worry about. Get these branches trimmed prior to the next big storms or windy day and prevent damage. Sometimes a tree is so damaged that it may be removed. In that case, we utilize a cost-effective Crane Tree Removal to easily and quickly remove the tree from your property.

Our experts analyze the unique growth pattern of the trees on your property and trim branches that are perilously close to power lines, rooftops, windows, and diagnose any potential causes for concern in the present, and down the road in the future. Tree trimming promotes growth and keeps your property looking pristine. Affordable tree trimming and pruning is our specialty and we look forward to helping you with your tree care needs!

We offer fair pricing and a courteous staff that take great pride in our work. J & D Tree Pros tree trimming service works to bring back a tree's natural beauty and return the luster to your property. Give us a call today for a free quote on all your tree care and tree trimming needs.
When trees need to go, it should not only be safe, but environmentally friendly. Limited property impact and environmental concern are important factors in every job we do. Here’s how we are recycling and giving back to the Wake County community:
Trunks > Lumber
Tree trunks are sent to local lumber yards to be processed into wood products to be sold for construction and other products.
Trimmings > Mulch
Branches, small trees, and other trimmings are processed into mulch that can be reused by local properties.
Donated Trees > Firewood
Every year we donate dozens of trees for firewood to be used by local families to stay warm in the winter months.
"They did an awesome job for a very reasonable price. They showed up exactly when they said and were very professional and hardworking individuals. Definitely worth the money."
Patrick E.
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