The Ultimate Guide to Tree Removal

The Ultimate Guide to Tree Removal

Have you ever made it through another winter only to find some of your trees didn’t? Or maybe you moved into a new house and there is a tree or two that are already bugging you. How do get rid of them? I know for some, the original idea involves a saw, rope, chain and the back bumper of your truck! As much of an adventure as that may be, it probably won’t end the way you envision.

Real Reasons for Cutting Down Trees

While what we just listed are real reasons to cut down trees, they are not the only ones. We typically see clients wanting to remove them for the following reasons:

  1. It has become diseased or infested with termites or similar wood-eating insects.
  2. It has been planted in the incorrect position in relation to the house.
  3. It is posing some form of threat to you or your neighbors’ safety.
  4. It is dead or dying.
  5. It is in the way of desired renovations or additions to your property (ie a shed or pool).

Why Can’t I Cut Down My Own Trees?

Good question. The problem is that we live in a day and age where EVERYTHING is regulated due to homeowner associations (HOA) and governmental regulations. Neither are bad but both have a say in what you can and cannot do with trees even if they are on your property. We have seen different state governments attempt to pass bills removing their ability to dictate to the homeowner whether or not they can cut down trees. To be safe, if you do intend to try to cut one of your trees down, check with your HOA and local government first.

Raleigh’s municipal code outlines the difference between public trees on the right-of-way and streets near sidewalks that cannot be touched by any person but city workers and private tree companies. The good news is that private trees can be removed without a permit in Raleigh, but a tree near the sidewalk cannot.

Also, you can personally remove trees on your private property when that tree could affect the public health and safety of other trees or people. There are also specific trees listed as conservation or champion types that cannot be removed, so you should make sure your trees don’t fit that list by calling the department first. In Charlotte, property owners must have permits before they remove trees from their properties.


One of the reasons to utilize an experienced tree removal company like J&D Tree Pros is not only because we’re knowledgeable about the regulations, but we can also keep you safe. Trees can fall on your neighbor’s house, your house, or even you. In 2016, 646 people died from being struck by falling trees. I don’t think the great American tree cutting adventure is worth it. On the flip side, if your tree is big enough, you could fall out of it and do major bodily harm.

Good news! Tree professionals have the equipment (cranes, hard hats, climbing spurs, saddles, harnesses, goggles, gloves, and ear protection) and expertise to make taking down a tree easy and efficient. For instance, did you know that cutting at the base of the tree until it falls is not the proper technique? Most professionals cut down the tree and limbs in manageable sections so they can be easily transported and chopped.

The main tool is the chainsaw and not everyone is experienced in how to properly use it. I’m talking to you Michael Myers and Clark Griswold! If you aren’t well equipped, a chainsaw could remove one of your limbs, fall on you, or hit you while you are trying to take a tree down. Professionals have nylon parts that can safely jam chainsaws keeping them out of harm’s way.

If you’re like me, when it’s time to fix something, I go to YouTube. This is not one of those times. Just because there are do-it-yourself videos available does not mean you should do-it-yourself. Tree removal is a bit more serious than changing out a door sweep on your shower or patching a screen door.

It’s Not THAT Dangerous. I Grew Up Climbing Trees!

Yeah, I did too, but not with a chainsaw in my hand and a lack of expertise knowing how to safely scale a tree. We are older and wiser, right? Right?

Here’s the thing, if the last time you climbed a tree, you also had bad acne odds are that you should not try to do it again. Trained professionals not only know how to take a tree down, but also how to climb up one without putting themselves in significant danger. Do me a favor, leave the tree climbing to the professionals because we like our customers to be in one piece!

But I Can Remove My Tree for Free!

Yes, you could but the cost could be more than you would ever choose to pay. Conversely, it costs money to get a tree moved, but it may not be as bad as you may think when compared to the dangerous alternatives. A professional firm like J&D Tree Pros looks at multiple factors when pricing tree removal:

  1. Size of the tree, including height and branch reach
  2. Location of the tree
  3. Ease of access
  4. Safety precautions needed
  5. Transportation fees

As with all projects, we take your budget into serious consideration and attempt to put together a solution that meets your needs and completes your vision.

Putting it All Together

Again, I know the temptation is to stop reading, grab a chainsaw or an ax and remove that pesky tree, but let’s not. There are laws that govern tree removal and a long list of safety concerns that if ignored could end badly, including death. Instead, give J&D Tree Pros a call. We’ll safely remove your tree in the most cost-effective way possible.


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