"Please pass on my appreciation to Josh, Carlos and the rest of the crew for the fantastic job they did today. They couldn't have been any more courteous and professional and clearly they all know what they are doing. I'm so impressed by your company from the initial phone call to the big truck coming by to pick up the large tree trunks....everything was expertly handled and cleaned up so well that you would not have known they had been here if I didn't have two less trees in my yard. J&D Tree Pros will have my business from this point forward. Thank you again!"
Treasure Davis
"Yahooo! Thanks so much for the awesome work on the trees. You were so fun to watch! I appreciate your professionalism!"
"We are truly amazed at the terrific job your crew did today. They were courteous, efficient, thorough and professional. Every tree and overhanging limb came down perfectly. If you ever need us to be a reference for you, please let us know."
Hank and Nancy Faber
"They did a great job precise quick and clean. The climbing person was amazing, a real pro! All were very professional."
Kay Earp
The tree crew did a great job taking down the tree and appreciate all their help. They all seemed to know their jobs and did them well. The clean up was great and you would never know anything took place on the street or in the front yard. I did not get a chance to personally thank each person so please extend our personal “thank you” to all.
Jim & Lana Kwasny
"J&D is our go-to company for tree service. We've used them twice before for tree removal, and did not hesitate to call them again. They came out promptly to provide the estimate, provided expert advice on the work to be done and even provided an opinion on trimming a tree that I was going to do myself. These guys are true professionals - they work safely, neatly and efficiently - they even raked up all the leaves from the tree they took down. I will definitely use their services again if needed."
Michael McMahon
"The crew that came was excellent. They got here, knew what they needed to do and they got it done. They were neat and the work was amazing to watch. No one could do a better job than what they did. Thank you very much and convey my appreciation again to your crew." Ron Graham
Ron Graham
  I had an issue and was led to believe I needed a tree removed to meet my insurance requirements. J D Tree Pros came and assessed the trees and recommended no action. They were very honest, quick, and helpful. Trust is such a hard thing to find these days but it definitely exists with JD Pros!! As their advertising material states "They are here to help".
Sean O'Conner
"Dear Mr. Havens, I hope you are doing well this beautiful summer day. My name is Teresa Sherer and I live in Knollwood Estates. I wanted to send you this email because we had some wonderfully efficient work done in our yard last week. I have you to thank for it because you approved the tree removal that was done and you hired J&D Tree Pros to complete this assignment. Also you had Eddie Vaughn come out to represent the Town of Apex and oversee the work. They all did a fabulous job.

Eddie told me what the town had decided and why the pine trees had to be cut down. He was informative and easy going. He put me at ease right away. I agreed that removing the tress was for the best. He was very kind to my four year old daughter. She was interjecting a lot during our initial conversation and he was patient as he answered her litany of questions. This left a lasting impression with me. You have an employee who was not too busy to show kindness to a child. What an asset to the town! He also saved some precious (to us) camellia bushes in our front yard. Some other bushes could not be saved, which was fine. He made himself available as needed. We had his number and we saw him often during the tree removal. Your town is in good hands with Eddie Vaughn and so were we.

Daniel McMains (and Eddie) came to speak to me before the job began and he went over the details which I was not expecting. He assured me that his company would not damage any property during this operation. We knew what trees would be removed and when they would start the job. He gave me his card an said I could contact him at any time with any questions or concerns. He was very profession and personable at the same time. Our yard is special to us and he treated me as if it was special to him, too. His crew stayed late and they worked hard. I was impressed by their bravery and their topnotch safety procedures. There was little snafu at the end but it was taken care of immediately by Dan and Eddie. I was pleased that J&D’s headquarters are in Apex. It’s says a lot that the Town of Apex is using an Apex grown businesses. I hope it continues.

I could go on with more accolades and examples of exemplary work but I’ll stop there. Our yard looks great, although a little bare in spots. That was to be expected. Just know when you send Eddie and J&D to other areas, the community will benefit from the experience.

Have a great day!

Teresa Sherer
tree service testimonial
October 5, 2016

"I absolutely cannot begin to say enough good things about Daniel McMains and his company, 
J&D Tree Pros. 

I contacted J&D after our family had struggled for months in an attempt to keep our new puppy from eating the hundreds of Hickory Nuts that were falling from the trees in our backyard. Our vet had warned us that we were facing the possibility of a potentially deadly obstruction requiring surgery or the possibility of excessive toxins ingested by eating the hickory nuts. After months of trying various solutions that didn’t work, we made the decision to have the trees taken down.

Desperate, I contacted their company to explain my plight. To my relief, the company jumped into action. The owner of J&D Trees came to our home and walked our property with us to help us identify the problem trees. Being a dog owner himself and recognizing our desperation, Daniel told me that he would have a crew on site either that afternoon or the next day to take down the trees.

Long story short, Daniel lived up to his word. By 3:15 pm that same day, a crew was on site and within hours all 5 trees were gone and the area cleared of debris. Despite their crazy, busy, backlogged schedule, the owner and his crew went above and beyond the call of duty to work our job in. 

J&D Tree Pros vastly exceeded our expectations. Despite the size and difficult placement of our trees, Josh and his crew extracted them without issue. In my opinion you could not ask for a better service experience with any company, and I would recommend their services without exception to anyone in need of high risk tree removal or service. 

Allie W. Conway

Holly Springs, NC