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During the beginning stages of our company we removed trees using the traditional method.

Although sufficient, this method had its drawbacks as trees dropped in yards caused ruts and had a tendency to damage shrubbery surrounding the trees being removed. As time passed we found, through thorough research, more effective methods of removal. After renting cranes for 4 years, developing a technique and process for the removals, and also looking for qualified operators, we finally found the right man and equipment.
Since acquiring our first crane in August of 2003, our residential and commercial clients have experienced the benefits of having trees lifted out of their yards, causing no damage to their lawns, bushes or surrounding trees. Today, we've invested in a new 90-ton crane, allowing us to serve almost any size of tree removal project with precision and no-impact to your lawn or property.

As business continued to grow we purchased our second crane in July of 2004, dedicating one to our commercial division and one to residential.

A common misconception regarding tree removal using cranes is that it is very expensive. This is associated with the fact that most companies rent cranes as opposed to owning them. Since we work with our own cranes, we have found that it can be just as cost -effective as having a quality tree care company use the traditional method. 
In fact, in many cases, using cranes can be much safer which can bring down the cost. Not only have the cranes enabled us to work more efficiently, they ensure an unparalleled standard of safety among our company and workers. 
When removing a tree with a crane we are able to set up in the road or driveway. Our cranes allow us to reach to a length of 175 feet, keeping limbs and the trees themselves away from your physical property. The technique of  tree removal varies depending on the type of tree, the size, and how far away from the crane the tree is. But, to give you a general idea of the process, we attach a steel choker cable to the top of the tree, go down to a certain length, and cut it off. Sometimes, large limbs are carried away by the crane, while other times the whole tree is lifted away and placed into the street for clean up.
It's a whole new twist on tree removal; we like to say 'we're taking tree removal up instead of down.' As one customer told us, "There are certain things in life that you need to see, and this is one of them." Responses like these drive me as an owner and our company as a whole to maintain a strict standard of quality, as well as a motivation for customer satisfaction.


Dan McMains - Owner


Todd gailas - Operations Manager



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