Stump Grinding SERVICE

Choose J & D Tree Pros and get rid of that stump once and for all. Serving 1000's of customers in the Triangle,  the expertise and experience you receive can’t be beaten!
Stump Grinding and Removal Experts
Our expert stump removal team sets up at your property and in a short time, grinds and removes all of the stump(s).
Entire Stump Processing + Removal
Stumps are ground and removed by machinery. Larger pieces are lifted and carried out on our trucks on-site.
Stump Grinding Machinery
Our specialized machinery is able to handle any size or number of stumps and leaves your yard better than it was before with those ugly stumps.
Clean-Up + Property Care
Your property is left clean after we remove and debris from the job site and property and remove the entirety of the processed stump.

Serving Home Owners and Commercial Properties for more than 20 Years!

It happens every week. You fire up the lawnmower and set off to bring out your property’s natural beauty. Everything is looking good until you reach that ugly old tree stump that you keep promising to yourself you’re going to have removed.

You do your best to maneuver your machine as close to the stump as possible, but lawnmowers weren’t designed to cut in an uneven circle. They are designed to cut in straight lines.

You do your best to navigate the annoyance and then finish up the rest of the yard. When you’ve completed the mow you look back and something just won’t let you enjoy your work. It’s that uneven grass still randomly sprouting around that stump.

Does this sound like you? Are you tired of looking at that useless stump in your yard? J & D Tree Pros is one call away. We will arrive, quickly assess the stump, and offer you a fair price for its removal.  
J & D Tree Pros are eager to dispose of those concerns for you with our stump grinding service. We are the professionals with nearly 40 years as a family owned business that can come and quickly remove the stump and level your lawn back out, opening the potential for adding a garden or porch, and removing the budding hazard that a tree stump presents.

Our stump grinding service is fast and professional, our people courteous and knowledgeable, and it would be our pleasure to provide the assist you need to deal with any of your concerns regarding the trees in your yard.

Headquartered in Apex, North Carolina, we service the city of Raleigh and beyond, including Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Sanford, Southern Durham, Pittsboro, Chatham County and Morrisville.

When you’re ready to move on from that old stump, give J & D Tree Pros a call. We’ll provide you the professional service you need to unlock the potential of your home and yard. 
Contact us today for a free estimate for your stump removal, stump grinding, or other tree services need.
Safety First
Our teams are trained and experienced in every task they complete, ensuring the safety of our team and your property.
Fully Insured
With our workers covered by Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance, you’ll rest assured as we service your property.
Experienced Teams
Professional equipment and experienced workers ensure excellence and a low impact job that leaves your yard pristine and the work time minimal.
Did you know that a tree stump can actually grow a new tree inside of itself?
A stump that is left in your yard can start growing a new sapling that in a matter of years can become a small tree. Not only will it look unsightly, but you're also left with more work. By removing a tree stump, you can prevent saplings and seeds from spreading on your property and causing you more work.

Did you know that tree stumps are havens for termites and other potentially home-damaging insects?
Ants, termites, centipedes and even snakes can find tree stumps to be wonderful homes. The benefit isn't the same for you if you want to protect your home, kids, and pets from these dangerous and destructive pests. Tree stumps left to rot can become a termite colony in a matter of months, leaving you with much bigger problems if they make it into your home. These critters can be costly and disrupt the ecosystem of your home costing you money and time with a repair.

Did you know that tree stumps can cause life threating sinkholes?
Over time, a large tree stump will rot and fall into the ground. The loss of roots and stability can be a big problem for your yard, leaving a small hole or a larger pit. These holes can appear quickly and cause for an injury or major problem if your child or you fall in and twist an ankle. Critters like snakes, foxes, coyotes, and rabbits can find these holes and make your property their home. Stump removal prevents these problems and many more.

Envision a morning where you look out into your yard and that grass is perfectly level-- that old familiar annoyance of mowing around that eyesore in your yard a thing of the past. Maybe now, in its place, you have a beautiful flower garden, or the peaceful serenity of a koi pond, or that beautiful deck you’ve been telling your friends about for years. 
When trees need to go, it should not only be safe, but environmentally friendly. Limited property impact and environmental concern are important factors in every job we do. Here’s how we are recycling and giving back to the Wake County community:
Trunks > Lumber
Tree trunks are sent to local lumber yards to be processed into wood products to be sold for construction and other products.
Trimmings > Mulch
Branches, small trees, and other trimmings are processed into mulch that can be reused by local properties.
Donated Trees > Firewood
Every year we donate dozens of trees for firewood to be used by local families to stay warm in the winter months.
We are truly amazed at the terrific job your crew did today. They were courteous, efficient, thorough and professional. Every tree and overhanging limb came down perfectly. If you ever need us to be a reference for you, please let us know.
Hank and Nancy Faber
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