Is Pruning Good for Trees? What You Need to Know

Is pruning good for trees at any time throughout the year? According to the foremost tree pruning experts in Apex, NC, there’s a lot more to it.

In this article, J&D Tree Pros explain why pruning your trees encourages healthy growth and whether professional pruning services are necessary.

What Pruning The Right Way Can Do For Your Tree

Mastering proper pruning is essential for optimal tree care but involves much more than removing branches. Here are a few benefits of following the correct pruning protocols like a professional arborist:

Encourage Proper Growth and Structure

Pruning mature trees promotes spring growth. It will make your tree bushier, stronger, and healthier. 

  • Remove broken limbs: The tree must focus its energy and nutrients on new growth.
  • Remove weak branches: Cutting deadweight makes room for healthy development.
  • Remove badly sagging branches: This pruning corrects the tree’s structure to better withstand wind, storms, and potential pests.

Inhibit Disease Spread

Cutting away a diseased branch ensures nothing spreads beyond it. If there is a fungal infection, removing dying branches is especially important. Other branches or trees may catch fungi via contact, and it could spread quickly across the entire property.

If you suspect a problem, request a tree inspection as soon as possible so that we can diagnose the issue and carefully prune the damaged portion.

Promote Fruit Bearing

Pruning is pivotal for fruiting trees’ production and overall health. Precise, measured cuts can increase the yield by redirecting water and nutrients toward fruit production. Diseases and broken limbs reduce production because the tree expends energy on survival.

Fruit trees require a specific type of pruning to encourage and protect spur growth, which promotes fruit production. It is best to seek assistance from professionals like J&D Tree Pros.

Discourage Hazardous Situations Like Falling Branches

A falling branch can damage a car, building, or person. Avoid the risk with prompt professional help when you notice a dying branch. Do not try to prune your tree without proper training and equipment, especially near power lines and structures.

Is Pruning Good for Trees in the Cold Season?

You can hire a professional team like J&D Tree Pros for more accurate pruning and safe tree removal. However, unless it is an emergency, it is best to wait until the tree’s dormant season (usually late fall or winter). That way, your tree has time to recover before spring.

More Expert Tips for Productive Pruning

Professionals understand the pruning process, with proven techniques limiting the harm to your trees. For example, blunt blades create a larger wound that is more susceptible to pest infestations and diseases. Other cautionary advice includes the following:

  • Never cut the crown of a tree (called “topping”)
  • Always remove the least amount possible in small portions
  • Never prune a dead branch without help nearby

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Professional tree care experts agree that pruning is essential. It promotes healthier, lusher growth and much more. Contact the best tree company in Apex, NC, and watch your trees thrive.

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