Why You Should Not Be Cutting Trees Down Yourself

Cutting trees down requires extreme precision, experience, and training. Never try to cut a tree down alone, or you’ll risk severe damage or injury. The professionals at J&D Tree Pros explain why cutting a tree down proves dangerous and when to seek professional help.

If you need professional tree removal in Apex, NC, contact our team today. Our professional arborists can help evaluate your tree’s health and determine if removal is necessary.

 The following lists why cutting a tree down requires professional service.

Proper Equipment 

Do you have what you need to effectively and safely remove a tree? Cutting down a tree takes more than a saw and a set of hands. Depending on its location, size, and health, you may need the following professional equipment:

  • Pulleys
  • Cranes
  • Tree climbing equipment
  • Proper footwear
  • Sharp pruning shears
  • And more

Most homeowners do not have the proper equipment to guarantee a safe tree felling. Or, if they do have the equipment, they do not know how to use it safely. It takes years to learn how to use professional equipment correctly.

The Tree’s Health 

Cutting down healthy trees requires a different process than hazard trees. A sick tree may have a hollow trunk or an unbalanced weight, and these challenges create dangerous problems. Without a professional inspection, you may accidentally force a tree to fall toward your house, car, or another person.

A professional will climb and remove specific branches before cutting trees down. This action helps them direct a falling tree safely and effectively. Homeowners often skip this essential step, causing significant damage or injuries.

You must know the tree’s status, balance, and more to eliminate harm. Most homeowners start hacking away at a tree trunk without preparation, causing the tree to fall incorrectly. Prevent this safety hazard and request guidance. 

The Tree’s Location 

Is your tree near power lines, a building, or a walkway? All of these locations require extreme precision. Never attempt to remove or trim a tree near power lines.

Without the correct steps, you may electrocute yourself or cause other problems leading to severe injury or death. A professional tree expert will take all precautions to mitigate damage.

Types of trees may play a role in removal, depending on the density or growth patterns. If a specific species of tree grows near a house, a professional may take precautions to guarantee the safety of everyone involved. Stay away from trees showing the following symptoms: 

  • Leaning 
  • Uprooted base
  • Large swinging or broken limbs

These signs point to immediate and significant danger, and you should request help as soon as possible. 

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Hiring a professional ensures you, your property, and your family remain safe during a tree felling. If you need a tree service company, contact J&D Tree Pros!

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