How to Prune a Tree to Keep it Small According to Pros

Pruning unwanted tree branches is one of the best ways to shape the tree to your liking so it heightens your property’s curb appeal. However, pruning can also prevent trees from growing too large, making them more manageable for smaller yards. Unfortunately, many Apex, NC, homeowners don’t know how to prune a tree to keep it small.

That’s why J&D Tree Pros is here to teach you how to prune trees to diminish their size without adversely affecting their health.

J&D Tree Pros is one of Apex, NC’s most trusted tree care services. Our team can handle everything from tree pruning to tree removal without issue, making us your one-stop shop for all your tree care needs. If you need professional tree pruning in Apex, NC, contact the experts at J&D Tree Pros.

How to Prune A Tree to Keep It Small in Apex, NC

It’s no secret that trees experience vigorous growth and can overtake a property without proper pruning. However, pruning can also help you manage the plant’s size if you don’t have enough space for a full-size tree. Follow the steps below to learn how to prune a tree to keep it small.

Step One: Cut the Growing Tip

Start by performing a hard heading cut to eliminate the growing tip. 

Although this might sound excessive, it’s vital to keep the tree at a manageable size. You want to cut two-thirds of the tree’s top. This creates a low scaffold and will help the tree become more robust and resilient. 

However, only perform a hard heading cut while the tree is dormant (mid to late winter). Completing hard heading cuts while the tree is active can hinder growth during the spring, obstructing the buds’ nutrient supply.

Step Two: Prune to Lower Branch Configuration

Once spring arrives and the tree’s buds start forming, prune the tree’s configuration to your liking. Cut diseased branches and any limbs that hinder its appearance. After that, give the tree time to heal before making additional cuts.

Step Three: Further Prune the Tree in Summer to Reduce Resources

During late June, prune additional branches to reduce the resources stored in the foliage and hinder root growth. Trees grow expeditiously during the summer, so pruning will make the tree prioritize recovery instead of development. The tree should have three to four evenly spaced branches around the trunk after pruning.

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