What Causes Trees To Fall in Chapel Hill, NC?  

When a tree comes crashing down, it can cause property damage, injuries, and even fatalities. But what causes trees to fall? Can you do anything to minimize the risk of trees falling?  

As a top-rated tree service in Chapel Hill and beyond, the seasoned crew at J&D Tree Pros will explore why trees fall and ways you can minimize the risk. 

what causes trees to fall

Why Do Trees Fall?  

Trees fall for the following primary reasons. 

Root Issues  

A sound root system gives your tree the water and nutrients it needs to survive while also anchoring it to the ground. Poor root health may weaken them, causing your tree to fall. For example, excess moisture around the roots may cause root rot. When you plant a tree on hard soil, the roots may struggle to penetrate through and develop shallow roots that will struggle to provide sufficient anchorage.  

Inclement Weather  

Trees survive plenty of whatever Mother Nature throws at them, but harsh weather conditions, from windstorms and hurricanes to typhoons and drought, can cause sudden tree falls. Heavy rain, for example, may cause soil erosion that may destabilize even the most well-anchored tree.  

If you’ve recently experienced a heavy storm or expect bad weather, contact a certified arborist for a comprehensive tree inspection.  

Tree Damage  

What causes trees to fall? Trees will also fall because of tree damage from natural or human activities. Common culprits include construction damage and insect infestation.  

During construction or remodeling projects, contractors may damage or cut a tree’s roots to make space, killing or weakening the roots and causing the tree to fall.  

On the other hand, insects such as termites, beetles, and aphids may weaken your tree and compromise its overall health. Always seek professional help immediately if you notice an insect infestation, as some insects may cause disease and decay, making your tree a falling hazard.  

Tips To Prevent Tree Falls  

Taking a preventive approach to tree falls will help to prevent trees from falling into your yard or house. The following preventive tips should come in handy:  

  • Depending on the tree species’ characteristics, you may have to secure newly planted trees and saplings with stakes.  
  • Water your trees frequently and ensure the water reaches the roots. However, don’t overwater, as too much moisture will damage the root system.  
  • Avoid using too much mulch, as it may encourage shallow roots that will compromise the stability of your trees. Over-mulching can also suffocate your roots.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

Now you can answer the question, “What causes trees to fall?” But what happens if a tree has already fallen? Who do you turn to?

Trust our experienced crew at J&D Tree Pros. We specialize in high-risk tree removals, but as a full-service tree company, we offer various tree solutions, including:  

  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Emergency tree service  
  • Stump grinding  

Call J&D Tree Pros at (919) 467-7997 to request a free estimate for tree services in Apex, North Carolina, or for answers to questions like, “Can trimming kill a tree?” 

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