Should You Cut Dead Limbs Off a Tree?

should you cut dead limbs off tree

Trees are majestic specimens that can take any Apex, NC, property to incredible new heights. However, dead and decay branches can hinder a tree’s beautiful appearance, creating a bit of an eyesore that takes away from its visual appeal. However, many Apex residents don’t know if they should cut dead limbs off a tree or leave them and wait for nature to take its course.

So, should you cut dead limbs off a tree? JD Tree Pros Inc. is here to answer this question and more.

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Cutting Dead Tree Branches: Is It Necessary?

Tree limbs die for various reasons (mostly from diseases and damage) and can adversely affect a tree’s appearance as well as its health. Dead branches can also negatively impact your property’s curbside appeal, making it look drab and unwelcoming. Although cutting the branches will restore the tree’s beauty, many homeowners worry about harming the tree during the process.

So, should you cut dead limbs off a tree? Absolutely!

Pruning away dead branches will help the tree grow properly and prevent various issues later on. That said, it’s best to leave pruning to professional arborists since it’s rather dangerous and can put you and your property at risk. Never attempt to prune trees unless you understand how to complete the process correctly and have the right tools for the job.

Why Prune Trees?

Despite popular belief, proper pruning provides numerous benefits that help the tree’s health, structural integrity, and more. Below are just a few benefits of cutting dead limbs off trees.

Prevents Potential Injuries and Property Damage

Dead and decayed tree limbs can fall at any time and land on cars, homes, and even family members. The dead branches can cause significant injuries and property damage that most insurance companies won’t cover.

Prevents the Spread of Diseases

Many tree branches die due to disease. A disease can spread to other limbs very quickly and will eventually infect the entire tree. Cutting diseased branches off a tree will prevent the spread and keep the tree healthy and enchanting.

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