How Long Can a Dead Tree Remain Standing?

how long can a dead tree remain standing

You’ve noticed a dead tree towering over your yard. Although it causes an eyesore, your busy schedule won’t allow you to schedule removal services just yet. How long can a dead tree remain standing? As providers of comprehensive tree service in Chapel Hill, NC, our team at J&D Tree Pros. help you determine the best course of action long term. 

Do You Have to Cut the Dead Tree Down?

In most cases, you absolutely should cut down a dead or dying tree as soon as possible. Large trees can cause structural damage if they fall without professional assistance. Some trees die due to diseases and infestations that can spread to other trees in the vicinity. At the very least, you should invest in an inspection from an arborist. 

How Long Can a Dead Tree Remain Standing?

Since you likely need experts to safely cut down the tree, you understand that time is of the essence. How long can a dead tree remain standing before it falls? Its inevitable demise depends on the following factors. 

How Long Since It Died?

Can you remember when you first noticed that the tree had died or exhibited symptoms of death? The longer a dead tree stands, the more damage it sustains. Although living trees can efficiently heal themselves, dead trees can no longer do that. 

The sun, moisture, and wind each have a destructive effect on the tree’s structure. If the tree sat barren and decaying on your property for a long time, it will fall completely sooner rather than later.  

What Killed It?

Do you know the cause of death? If it died from a lightning strike, strong winds, or flooding, it might have a shaky, crumbling structure. If fungi, bacteria, or bugs killed it, these pests could quickly spread to nearby trees and kill them. In both circumstances, you should quickly seek professional tree-felling services. 

Did It Sustain Structural Damage?

Examine the tree up close. Take note of the following features:

  • Trunk holes, dents, or cracks
  • Leaning structure
  • Uncovered or disturbed roots

If you discover the presence of such damage on any part of the tree, you should take these warning signs seriously. This tree could fall at any moment, crushing any item or person caught in its path. 

What Circumstances Allow You to Leave a Dead Tree Standing?

There are very few circumstances under which you can let the tree remain untouched. Dead trees in a forest can take down or damage other trees as it falls. Damaged trees on your property can crush buildings and cars.

However, a few rare situations don’t call for an urgent response:

  • Small, young trees that can’t cause damage
  • Trees isolated from buildings, people, and other trees
  • Trees that didn’t die from pestilence
  • A previously fallen tree

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