How to Keep Trees Healthy: 5 Tips

Do you want to know how to keep trees healthy? Whether you’re a homeowner with one backyard specimen or someone who manages a few acres of woodlands, these towering plants need more than just love and luck. They require the occasional care routine to thrive and look beautiful.

As Chapel Hill’s reliable tree service, we at J&D Tree Pros can gladly demystify the process for you. Read on as we break down our top practices for ensuring a vibrant living landscape!

1. Water When Necessary

While most trees are quite resilient, they still need a consistent source of moisture. If your area is currently experiencing an extended drought, watch out for signs of stress in your trees, such as:

  • Browning, curling, or wilting foliage
  • Brittle twigs or branches
  • Premature leaf shedding
  • Radial cracks in the trunk

Is the surrounding soil moist or does it already feel dry and crumbly? Manually water your trees and make up for the lack of rain! A deep, slow soaking encourages the roots to reach far down into the soil for extra sustenance.

2. Mulch Is Your Friend

Do you ever notice those circles of woodchips, bark, or compost around the base of a tree? These are a gardener’s best friend!

A generous sprinkling (about two to four inches) helps keep the roots from overheating in summer and freezing in winter. Plus, it reduces water evaporation and stops weeds from encroaching on your plant’s area. Avoid piling it up against the trunk to avoid problems like rot and infestations.

3. Monitor Your Tree’s Health

Unwelcome critters, fungal growths, or physical wounds can cause significant harm to your beloved trees. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

  • Sudden branch dieback
  • Signs of insect or animal activity (small holes on the leaves, sawdust at the base)
  • Stunted growth patterns
  • Oozing sap or discolored bark
  • Tree smells musty or rotten

When it comes to these pressing complications that can severely damage your trees, always consult a local arborist. They know how to keep trees healthy with their specialized knowledge and equipment. Acting as soon as possible can help save your landscape from further distress!

4. Fertilize Appropriately 

If your tree, including those that are evergreen, seems unable to produce enough lush foliage or flowers, consider how to apply fertilizer to evergreen trees and others during their growing season to give them a boost. Just remember that too much of anything is never good; don’t overdo it, especially when handling young trees! Choose mild, organic options to reduce the risk of fertilizer burn.

5. Prune Your Trees

Pruning is the practice of strategically trimming away diseased, problematic, and dead branches. When done right, you get:

  • Lusher growth
  • Improved fruit and flower production (if applicable)
  • A lowered risk of insect and disease infestations
  • A desirable canopy shape

Some forms of tree maintenance are fairly complex and require professionals who know how to keep trees healthy. Why not let J&D Tree Pros do the heavy lifting for you? Call (919) 467-7997 and reap the benefits of tree pruning, trimming, and other tailor-fit solutions.

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