Can You Plant a Tree Where One Was Removed?

Removing a beloved tree from your yard for whatever reason can be emotionally overwhelming. Once it’s gone, you might want to plant another tree in its place. But can you plant a tree where one was removed?

The answer to this question can be yes or no, depending on a few factors. As Chapel Hill’s trusted tree service company, J&D Tree Pros take a deeper look into planting a new tree in the same spot where an old one existed. Keep reading for more information. 

can you plant a tree where one was removed

Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Plant a Tree Where Another One Was

Can you plant a tree where one was removed? Here are some of the reasons tree care professionals will advise you against replanting a tree in the same place you just removed another one:

  • The previous tree might have used up most of the essential nutrients in the soil, which young trees require to thrive. 
  • The sawdust left behind from the tree removal or stump grinding could also interfere with the soil’s nutrient balance. Learn more about what happens to roots after stump grinding.
  • If some of the old tree’s roots are still intact, your young tree might not have adequate room for healthy growth. 
  • If you removed the old tree because of a disease, there could still be traces of the pathogen in the soil. If you must plant a new tree in the same spot, consider choosing a tree that can resist the disease. 

Factors to Consider When Using the Old Planting Site

If you decide to plant your new tree in the place of the one you’ve removed, you should pick your sapling carefully. Choosing a sapling of the same species is not a good idea if your old tree was sick. You’ll need to choose a species resistant to that specific pathogen. 

A native species that can thrive in your region’s growing conditions would be a perfect choice. If that proves difficult to find, consider planting a hedge or shrub. An experienced arborist can recommend several options. 

Here are other issues to keep in mind when it comes to planting a tree where one was removed:

  • Wait for Some Time. You should wait about one year before you plant a new tree. This allows the old tree’s roots to decompose and makes it easier to prepare the planting spot. 
  • Prepare the Site. You want to ensure the planting site feels new for the young tree. Remove all sawdust from the hole, cut off as many roots as possible, and add topsoil. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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