How To Plant a Fruit Tree the Right Way

Learning how to plant a fruit tree helps to ensure you can get it to thrive. A good start gives your young tree a firm foundation to build on. In this post, J&D Tree Pros, your go-to tree service company in Chapel Hill, explains more about how to get this right. 

how to plant fruit tree

Choosing a Fruit Tree

Most people buy the first tree they come across and think that pruning will correct any issues. While they’re partially right, you’ll find better success by choosing a strong young tree with a decently developed root system. 

It’s tempting to choose one in a container so you’ve got more time to plant it out, but you need to be careful because these saplings can easily become root bound. 

Choose the Right Spot

The next common mistake comes from digging a hole in a sunny area and hoping the tree thrives. You’ll fare better if you do a little research on the best growing conditions and prepare your soil properly before planting fruit trees. 

It’s not enough for the area to get some sun; it should get at least eight hours a day. Furthermore, it should be in loamy soil that drains well so the tree can grow a strong root system. Finally, consider the prevailing winds and shelter your tree from the worst of them. 

Dig the Hole

You need to dig a hole that measures about two or three inches deeper than the root ball and about two or three times as wide. This gives the sapling a firm seating while allowing it plenty of room to expand. 

If you have hard soil or one with a lot of clay in it, double up on how wide you dig and incorporate a good potting mixture as well. 

Also, one of the most important lessons in how to plant a fruit tree is that you need plenty of air pockets. Digging over the soil well before you set the tree will ensure you accomplish this goal. 

Plant the Tree

Your next step involves placing the sapling in the hole gently, with as little disturbance to the root ball as possible. Tamp the soil as you go, gently to make it firm but not so hard that you crush out all the air. 

Support Your Sapling

You should stake the tree for the first year or two to help it stand upright if strong winds often blow through the area. Secure the stake to the bottom of the tree using a soft material such as nylon stockings. Allow for some sway. 

Water Your Sapling

If possible, use a soaker hose to let the water trickle down as you need it. This allows the soil to settle naturally. You’ll need to give your new plant at least two to five gallons of water. 

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